• Design Consultation

    CITIRAISE-MFG's design consulting service includes pre-project PC program design, PC detailed design, set up the whole process of BIM consultation, BIM model creation, optimization of each comprehensive model, the component details and BOM list out

  • Processing and production of prefabricated parts

    Our factory has reliable and efficient production and processing capacity, the development and processing capacity of various special-shaped prefabricated parts can meet various needs of customers.

  • On-site installation service

    Through data support of BIM system, information parameters such as machinery and equipment provided, and simulation of pre-operation, it provides reliable security guarantee for actual hoisting and installation.

Shanghai Citi-raise Construction Group Advanced Building Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as "CITIRAISE-MFG"),established in November 2013,is a subsidiary of Shanghai Citi-raise Construction Group. The Group was established in 1997, adhering to the principles of "Integrity,Practical,and Innovation".After unremitting efforts and hard...

  • Yutang Road Mall
    Yutang Road
  • Vanke Xinmin
    Qixin Road, Minhang District
  • Zhongjun Tianlong
    Qingpu District
  • Huzhou Yipin
  • Changshu Wangshan commercial housing
  • The group strengthens the construction of the design sector and builds a fully assembled design capability

    Since the group began to develop prefabricated building technology and building energy-saving technology in 2003, it has always adhered to the concept of leading technology and design, jumping out of the limitation of only starting from components, d

    "Long-span prestressed concrete hollow slab" standard compilation work is fully launched

    In recent years, the group has always been committed to the continuous research and development of prefabricated buildings, has successfully transformed many research and development results into technology and productivity, and has continuously prom

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